Fernando spends his free time at the gym, reading, watching documentaries, and relaxing on the beach. 

Venezuelan actor, screenwriter, and bodybuilding champion Fernando Gaviria has made a name for himself.

Internationally, starring in the new horror thriller THE WHISTLER: ORIGINS (El Silbón: Orígenes), premiering in Los Angeles on Thursday, August 29th. 

The film, set in the 1800s follows Gaviria as "Baudilio," a man who in his desperation for an heir, goes to a witch doctor for help as his wife is unable to give him a child. Shortly after his visit, his wife becomes pregnant and all seems well until his wife dies during childbirth. The event causes Baudilio to kill the witchdoctor and thus falling on him the greatest curse that turns him into a bitter, cruel man that channels all this fury and resentment onto his son through physical and emotional abuse.

Gaviria's career in acting and screenwriting began in 1995 when he moved to Miami just after winning two titles as a bodybuilding champion in Maracaibo, Venezuela. He worked in Miami for eight years taking on roles in various TV series, such as "Latin Lover" and "Until the End of Time," moving on to feature films including BAD BOYS II alongside Will Smith. In 2003, he decided to try his hand at screenwriting, his first project being a screenplay called "Inked," which took him to the final 30 of a major scriptwriting competition at UCLA. He also continued pursuing acting jobs, including voice over roles in the Western action-adventure game, "Red Dead Redemption."

Gaviria moved to Mexico in 2011 to join the country's acting scene and fell in love with the city. He has had the opportunity to be featured in prominent roles in hit series such as, "El Senor de los Cielos" alongside Rafael Amaya, "Como Dice el Dicho" and will be seen on "El Dragón" alongside Sebastian Rulli and Renata Notni. Gaviria owes much of his success to method acting as he fully immerses himself in all his roles. When he isn't living his next role, Fernando spends his free time at the gym, reading, watching documentaries, and relaxing on the beach.