Maite Perron kills the red carpet last week with a fierce studded mask, further enforcing her influence in the fashion world.

She has enticed audiences worldwide as the lead of the acclaimed Netflix original thriller series, "DARK DESIRE. Oscuro Deseo" the Mexican actress has made the Netflix "TOP 10 LIST" in over 180 countries worldwide since its summer premier.

 Maite portrays 'Alma Solares', an attorney and college professor, who, feeling betrayed by her husband, 'Leonardo Solares' (Jorge Poza) and ill advised by her best friend 'Brenda' (María Fernanda Yepes) has a one night stand with 'Darío Guerra' (Alejandro Speitzer), a much younger man. Her temporary lapse of judgement paves the way to a dangerous obsession that turns her life into a living hell that leads to unexpected and tragic consequences.

Perroni rose to fame as part of Latin Grammy-nominated Mexican pop group RBD, created in 2004, as part of a storyline within the teen-focused Mexican telenovela "Rebelde." The group featured Maite as a lead singer and she helped carry the group to worldwide recognition and acclaim; they won several awards, including "Best Group of the Year," "Best Album of the Year," "Best Concert," and "Best Song of the Year." RBD has sold over 50 million records and performed in sold out venues such as "Estadio Maracaná" in Brazil, Madison Square Garden in New York, The L.A. Coliseum, American Airlines Arena in Miami, Estadio Vicente Calderón in Spain, Auditorio Nacional and Palacio de los Deportes in Mexico City, among others. As an award-winning recording artist, Maite has performed sold-out concerts throughout Brazil, Mexico, Spain, and Ecuador. Her latest album, on the Warner Brothers label, released in September 2013, was an instant success and quickly reached #2 on the Billboard 100 charts.

Maite has shifted her focus to pursue more challenging roles and grow as an artist, leaving behind the naïve and romantic characters that have shaped her image, she has opted to work on shorter, edgier original series on streaming platforms. She currently holds a new series in four different streaming platforms - "Dark Desire" on Netflix, "Herederos por Accidente" on Claro Video, "El Juego de las Llaves" on PANTAYA in the U.S. and available through Amazon Prime Video in Latin America.  
Through it all, she still finds time to keep in close touch with her fans.  When she's not busy traveling, filming or speaking on female empowerment and advocating for LGBTQ+ rights, she loves to cook amazing vegetarian dishes and spends her time hiking, cycling or rollerblading with her husband, Chilean singer-songwriter and producer, Koko Stambuk.