Designer Donna Leah 

has always known what she wanted, never straying from her strong identity focused on a love of bold colors, personal values related to self-acceptance, and deep spirituality. 

Her designs showcase an appreciation for all aspects of art, culture, and the natural world around us. Through her work, she constantly explores the endless influence and energy found in Miami, where her company, Donna Leah Designs, is headquartered.  

The designer knows what it’s like to have a dream and want to go for it. 

From a young age, she had a strong perspective on style and felt it was a way to express herself. At every stage, she followed her passion from attending the famed Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) to launching her Donna Leah Designs brand.  Donna Leah believes that design is like a constant dance between art and functionality. She believes that a well-designed gown brings out the beauty and confidence that lies within us -- the true purpose of the garment. She understands that there has to be a balance between the artistry of the gown and how it empowers the wearer.

“In fully creating an idea for a gown, I always break down the vision I have of a garment’s finished state into its parts – occasion, detail, fabric, and function. These components are the soul of the design. And it’s the consistent details that mark my brand as Donna Leah Designs. The success of a finished piece lies in how it makes me feel. If I feel confident, I know that others will too.”

The process is about sitting and sketching in my studio – drawing anything from small ideas to entire collections that find their way onto my pad. Some inspirations can last for years, like a vision of autumn in New York from my student days, while others are more of-the-moment and relevant to a very now time. Focusing on the details is an investment of time that is highly gratifying. It’s about creative thought, problem-solving, and working with an experienced team that has set my approach as a designer. 

What makes Donna Leah stand out from so many other designers is her unapologetic love for metallics, bold colors, and an inner strength that she feels is akin to “being her own superhero.” It is also this passion that has fueled her desire to give back with a new collection of feel-good t-shirts that benefit local Florida organizations. “Everyone needs to have a dream and be able to achieve it. My dream of becoming a designer has come true, and I feel that now is the right time to help others. I was moved by the amazing work of local organizations and the sense of empowerment they can provide to the community. It inspired me to create this line of ‘superhero’ t-shirts that helps bring awareness to the organization and much-needed funds,” she explains. Content sponsored by: Donna Leah Designs

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