In this issue, I spotlight Global music icon - Ricky Martin who continues to impress Scene with,  his third decade as a leader in the entertainment industry.  Martin has sold an astounding 70 million records to date and has won multiple GRAMMY and Latin GRAMMY awards.  His passion for music, his instinctive rhythmic style, and a zest for performing have all contributed to his great success.  In this issue I also feature: where to stay, play and eat, along with an exclusive photo shoot at: F.P Journe’s newest exclusive boutique, Maison F.P. Journe, Miami.  Miami Scene Magazine is an online magazine that features the WHO -WHAT - WHERE & WHEN for feature things in Miami. "If you're looking for a magazine that is positive, informative and inspiring than "Get in the Scene with The Miami Scene magazine!"  Cindy Rodriguez

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